Dear Coffee Friends, We are pleased that you are interested in our high-quality Schreyoegg (Schreyögg S-Caffe) coffee and that you would like to know more about our variety of coffees. Our range has something for every taste. We are sure that you can find the optimum product and solutions for yourself and for your customers here with us. Anyone that chooses quality products, primarily does so for the sake of their health. It does also of course add to the enjoyment of drinking coffee. Coffee is a valuable product and should be treated with respect. Carefully selected green coffee beans, gently roasted using a traditional long roasting process, prepared with loving care and quality-conscious handling provide coffee with pure enjoyment and well-being. Our coffees come from selected plantations and meet high quality demands. All of our varieties are purchased as „specialities“. A strict, careful selection process guarantees that our company has the best coffees that are available on the market and every blend has an unmistakable flavor due to the „art of roasting“. We always endeavour to guarantee that you constantly receive high quality which is achieved by a costly mixture ratio. Quality has its price, but „knowledge about quality brings certainty“. As a family business we have clear company structures, this means short decision routes and the ability to react quickly and consequently to changing market conditions. Make use of this structure and, above all, our great basic knowledge that we are happy to share with you.